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Shenzhen Qianglang  Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd. to design, development, production, sales and service as one of the concept of professional development and manufacturing of professional fly all kinds of stretch shell edge trimming, trimming machinery. Company from its inception in 2002, applied for and obtained the patent for utility model certificates of the four countries in practice. Stretch trimming machine is common, different products produce different types of trimming the mold can be cutting edge. Manufacturers of production stretch shell flash, trimming, trimming the bottleneck. Has always taken a more traditional method of trimming, red with the more traditional press mold, peeling mode to trimming, to gong gong bed, the transformation of the lathe to the car, even by hand and polished. These trimming methods are complex and low efficiency, high cost of the mold, time-consuming production, assembly, disassembly, maintenance complex. Operated by workers relative to have some technical content of talent can do, cut out the size of the product inconsistent inconvenience to the various processes of the late, ineffective, another burr, indentation, seriously affecting the The appearance of the product, reducing the overall competitiveness of the enterprise products. Tensile trimming machine you can cut any shape the edge of the tensile machine is a common, different products produce different types of trimming the mold can be cutting edge. Mold making, trimming high efficiency, low tooling cost, assembly, disassembly simple and effective, convenient maintenance. Use of a mold dislocation and a combination of machine linkage principle as a level cut out one-time resection, incision formation, there is no burr, high efficiency, accuracy and precision, like scissors. It is shaped, irregular, edge uneven or with the arc, feet, Aberdeen, and the gap stretching pieces trimming machinery.

NC grant to spend machine is a specialized surface treatment approved to spend, mainly used in high-gloss aluminum, copper, signs Braille approved spent CNC machine tools, machine tools for high-precision systems of the human-machine interface, NC operating system stable and reliable, screw line of sliding table, high stability, good marble rack stability, by a stepping motor driven, vacuum suction, precision screw; an accuracy of 1 micron. Machine tools to move around even, adjustable coarse fine, the main motor speed 12000r/min. Man-machine interface is simple and easy to understand, no need professionals to operate, and continuous auto-completion of approved spent twice. Automatically stops the tool in the non-cutting area does not rotate, safe.

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